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San Gregorio & Pescadero Creeks Watersheds

San Gregorio Creek flows into the Pacific Ocean nine miles south of Half Moon Bay, CA. Gauges in the San Gregorio Creek watershed are part of the Coastal Streamflow Stewardship Project, which is a partnershp between CEMAR and Trout Unlimited. At 81 square miles, Pescadero Creek watershed is San Mateo County's largest drainage. In partnership with the PRBO Conservation Science, CEMAR is gauging streamflow in Honsinger Creek, a major lower basin tributary in order to provide improved understanding of the flow regime and potentially inform water management. Gauges also have been installed in lower, middle and upper Pescadero Creek as part of a partnership with the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District, the State Coastal Conservancy, San Mateo County, resource agencies and others.

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Please note the following disclaimer:
The data reported here are preliminary, have not been verified, and may be unreliable for reasons including, but not limited to, instrument malfunction, undetected disruptions or interference occurring at the measurement site, or errors in interpretation. Please note that data are currently available only for water depth (not flow), temperature data has not been reviewed or calibrated, instruments may be located above the water levels in pools, and some instruments measure stage up to a certain height and will display a flat line at zero or the maximum height once that maximum measurable stage is reached.

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