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Clean and Healthy Bay Measure on June Ballot

The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority voted to place the San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention, and Habitat Restoration Program, known as the Clean and Healthy Bay Ballot Measure, on the June 2016 ballot in all nine Bay Area counties. Passage of the measure will require approval by 2/3 of the total voters casting ballots cumulatively across all nine Bay Area counties in the June 2016 election. The measure would raise $500 million over 20 years to fund critical Bay restoration and flood protection projects. For more information go to:

October, 2015
Restored Wetlands and the Floods in Our Future
CEMAR’s Executive Director Andrew Gunther published an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle (October 26, 2015) regarding the importance of wetlands restoration as flood protection for the Bay Area.

June, 2015
Letter to the Editor Published
The San Francisco Chronicle published a letter to the editor from CEMAR’s Executive Director Andrew Gunther in response to a op-ed promoting the opinion that those seeking action on climate change are part of a religious orthodoxy. Read the letter.

May, 2015
Water for Salmon, Water for School
CEMAR's conservation hydrology work is featured in the film "Water for Salmon, Water for School", by Trout Unlimited. Whitethorn Elementary School installed 80,000 gallons of tank storage with the help of Trout Unlimited, Sanctuary Forest and CEMAR. In exchange the school agreed not to pump from the river during the dry season. Watch the video.

March, 2015
Napa River Salmon Recovery Project receives SECOND $25,000 grant!
CEMAR is pleased to announce that The Campbell Foundation has awarded a $25,000 grant for the Napa River Salmon Recovery Project. The funds will be used to produce and share streamflow, water need, and habitat information; evaluate potential streamflow conservation and enhancement opportunities; and produce concepts for storage and operational modifications that reduce dry season diversion. The project, conducted in collaboration with local landowners and Napa Resource Conservation District, is also benefiting from support by the Dean Witter Foundation and the Department of Water Resources. The year-long project commences this spring.

February, 2015
Napa River Salmon Recovery Project receives $25,000 grant. CEMAR is thrilled to announce that The Dean Witter Foundation has awarded a $25,000 grant to initiate Phase 2 of the Napa River Salmon Recovery Project. The funds will be used to develop the hydrologic information needed as the basis to develop water management projects that address the impact of summer diversions on important steelhead and salmon rearing areas in the Napa River. The year-long project will commence this spring.

December, 2014
CEMAR's Fisheries Scientist, Gordon Becker, was a guest on KQED's Forum discussing the status of coho salmon in relation to California's drought. Listen to the archived show.

November, 2014
Matt Deitch, CEMAR's hydrologist, was honored at the annual CHEER (Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Restoration) Awards Dinner held in Gilroy on Saturday, November 1. Matt received a Congressional resolution from the office of Zoe Lofgren for his work in Little Arthur Creek, tributary to Uvas Creek in Santa Clara County. His research will result in ten houses along important steelhead habitat in Little Arthur Creek storing water in winter for use in summer, rather than diverting from the channel or shallow wells immediately beside it. CEMAR will also conduct post-implementation studies to assess if the change in management practices result in improved summer base flow.

July, 2014
CEMAR's Executive Director Andrew Gunther gave the Keynote Address, Sustaining our Ecological Infrastructure in a Changing World, at the annual meeting of the Society for Conservation GIS in Monterey.

The Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership has been awarded a $500,000 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) grant to continue its streamflow restoration work in five key tributaries of the Russian River. To date, NFWF has invested over $3.2 million in the Partnership’s work. CEMAR serves as the official grantee for NFWF on behalf of the partnership. The Sonoma County Water Agency has provided a significant amount of additional support through fisheries research and monitoring activities related to management of Russian River water resources.

April, 2014
CEMAR's Executive Director Andrew Gunther led a workshop entitled Giving Effective Presentations for staff at the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. If you are interested in having Dr. Gunther conduct this workshop for your organization please contact CEMAR.

March, 2014
CEMAR received a donor-directed grant of $10,000 from The Orvis Company. The restricted gift is to be used to fund the Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership, a project focused on improving streamflow and coho salmon recovery in five key tributaries of the Russian River.

January, 2014
CEMAR recently completed a study of selected portions of the Napa River watershed for potential flow enhancement projects. The project, funded by the Dean Witter Foundation, found that water storage projects could be developed in important Napa River tributaries and portions of the mainstem river that have the potential to improve and expand steelhead habitat. Questions or comments about the report should be addressed to Gordon Becker or Matthew Deitch.

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